Sree Jagannatha Temple


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During mediaeval age of Kerala the people belonging Theyaradhi Ezhava caste were denied of worshiping gods and they were forbiddened to enter into the temple. They worshiped god within Kavu and Kazhakam. And it was Sree Narayana Guru, who realized that no one should be denied of the temple entry on the basis of caste. Thus Guru laid the foundation of Jaganath Temple for Ezhavas.  Sree Narayana Guru Consecrated the temple on 1 Kumbham 1908. The chief diety Lord Shiva was named as Ezhava Shiva by Guru inorder to shut the mouth of the upper caste. Guru also declared that the uppercaste people should be allowed to enter into the temple. Moorkoth Kumaran Master is having a great significance with temple. The sculpture of Sree narayana Guru was laid by him. Astounding work of Kumaran Master, which worth’s crores gives requisite verve and character to Jaganath Temple. Jhanodhaya Yogam is having the power of administration. Every year the temple festival is celebrated on Kumbham, Punartham Nakshatra and it continues for eight days. Jaganath temple is within 2 km from Thalassery bus stand.Jaganath temple have been the display – arena of the craft finesse and are the persuasive testimony of the profound dedication of the devoted artisan . Astounding wooden carryings adorn the ceiling of the temple. Beyond caste and religion Jaganath Temple is a mesmerisings boon.

Getting There

From Kannur 47 min (24.5 km) via NH 66

Contact Detail

Thalassary-PeriNgathur Road,Temple Gate, Kannur District, Thalassery, Kerala 670102

0490 234 2341